Youth Church

Youth Alpha is a program designed for youth with aimed at discipleship and spiritual development. At our church this program runs at least once every year. The youth meet together, share a meal, watch a video and then explore in discussion on the subject of each meeting.

Camping is one of the tools that we use for impacting the lives of our youth with the gospel as they have fun activities. Through camps, we can encourage the youth to a life of service. We run camps at least twice a year, one in partnership with BlueSky and the other an LVC camp

Twice a year, the youth lead the adult congregation in service. everything from worship to preaching as part of our discipling process.

Our youth meet up on various Friday nights from 7:00 pm-9:00pm as part of the Ministry's discipleship agenda for the youth. We create a space where they can seek biblical responses to the fundamental questions of life.